Who’s in Need of Photo Booth?
July 28, 2017

Photo booths, in various shapes and sizes, have imposed popularity and get resurrected in events. Their popularity and resurgence could be linked to more than just the fun that they offer. Why would you pay for a not – so – good photo quality of your mugshot selfies? In this Instagram and Snapchat age, it’s a bit perplexing to have photo booths being patronized?

Why Still a Hit?

In this age, with the onslaught of camera phones, it is still hard to believe to have a huge market for photo booths. Photo booths provide opportunities for people to be physically closer. People establish proximity which is rarely experienced in this modern world, where people are preoccupied with gadget use.

Another reason is that you get an instant copy of the photo. It always makes one feel different bringing home something from an event. Finally, people get to live their fantasies without having to be obvious. You can have props to make you look like someone you admire.

What Are to Be Considered in Photo Booth Rental?

Photo booth for rent abound online. Failure to get the services of the right photo booth provider could take a toll on the event itself.  What are the things to be considered in renting a photo booth?

  1. How much would it take for the rental?
  2. What kind of photo booth would be needed?
  3. How should the booth look like during the event?
  4. Would the pictures be black and white or color?

What Do Photo Booths Provide?

Attendees who resort to engage themselves in striking a pose could agree to any, a combination of, or all of these:

Socialization Opportunities

Having a photo booth allows attendees to engage in simple conversation and provides a point of commonality, which lay the foundation of interaction as the event progresses. This could even be the start of lasting friendships and intimate relationships.

Opportunity to Bring Photo Booth Pictures Online

The goofy and fun photos, for others, are worth sharing. It has become a trend these days that people would want to see their pictures in Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. There are some who really love to post pictures of everything they do.

Fun to the Event

Photo booths add fun to every event. Although there is more to photo booths than fun, attendees associate having a photo booth to having fun. The experience of mingling with others striking a pose creates more than just fun.


Photo booths give attendees something to do and engage on. Not everyone in the event would just sit or eat all of the time. Attendees would always look for ways to move around and get engaged.


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