Know more about fullerenes
January 29, 2018

Since the evolution, curiosity about science and things around has never reduced. Every day, new thing is developed on society and amongst them, which offers applications and uses gains the attraction of the people. Fullerenes is one such compounds that nowadays creating a curiosity between the people with its property and applications.  It is used all around the world for wide range of applications. The experts in the society are well aware of this chemical compound and it is also popularly known as buckballs which have multiple purposes.  When it is applied with the other atoms and molecules, it is used on manufacturing of many products such as insulators, conductors, semi conductors etc.  Fullerene is nowadays considered as one of the most important things to consider.

When you analyze the fullerene well, it is a third form of carbon along with graphite.  But it is entirely different from other compounds of carbon like diamond and graphite.   They are available on shapes like sphere, ellipsoid, tube and many more. Since it resembles the shapes of the footballs, they are also called as Buckminsterfullerenes or buckyballs.

As discussed before, they do posses many properties which are unique in the society. They are listed as follows.

  1. It is insoluble because of its strong bond between atoms
  2. It is highly stable but not non- reactive entirely
  3. It has high tensile strength
  4. Fullerenes are highly tough and thermally stable

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